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Louise Ogborn was an 18 year old McDonald's worker who got called into the manager's office after the manager received a call accusing the teen of stealing a customer's purse. Little did the assistant manager Donna Summers and the worker know that the "police officer" on the other line was just a prankster that was playing a trick that would change their lives forever.

As the dinner rush came in, another employee named Jason Bradley entered the office to accommodate the prankster’s demands while Donna Summers left. 15 minutes after the skeptical Jason Bradley entered the room to watch over Louise Ogborn, Donna Summers' fiancé Walter Nix came in to relieve him, and this is when the real humiliation began.

During the whole 3 hour ordeal, Louise Ogborn was spanked for almost 10 minutes, forced to do jumping jacks naked, ordered to give Walter Nix a blowjob, and was exposed to several employees of the restaurant. The result was a degrading experience by an outside caller who was getting off on virtual voyeurism.

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